Seasonal Blooms: The Best Flowers to Choose Each Season in Melbourne

Seasonal Blooms: The Best Flowers to Choose Each Season in Melbourne

As the seasons change in Melbourne, so does the landscape of available blooms. Whitehorse Flowers, a reliable florist in Melbourne, celebrates the cycle of the seasons by offering a diverse array of flowers that are not only stunning but also ideally suited to the local climate. Choosing seasonal flowers is not just about embracing the natural beauty of each part of the year; it is also about sustainability and supporting local growers.

Spring: A Time for Rebirth

Spring in Melbourne is a riot of colour, making it a perfect time to embrace the vibrant varieties that start to emerge. Tulips, which stand bright and bold in any arrangement, are a popular choice. Cherry blossoms and daffodils also make their delightful appearance, symbolising new beginnings and the joy of the warmer months ahead. These blooms bring with them a promise of renewal and are perfect for celebrating the season's festive spirit.

Summer: Full Bloom

As the weather heats up in Melbourne, so does the selection of flowers. Roses flourish in the Melbourne summer, available in a plethora of colours and types. Geraniums and sunflowers also make excellent choices, reflecting the vibrant energy of the season. At Whitehorse Flowers, we ensure these summer favorites are part of our fresh flower delivery offerings, bringing vibrant, seasonal beauty directly to your doorstep.

Autumn: Rich and Earthy Tones

Autumn brings with it a shift to warmer, deeper colours. Chrysanthemums and marigolds offer rich hues that mirror the changing leaves. Dahlias, with their intricate petals and stunning patterns, are also particularly popular during this season, providing a sophisticated touch to any bouquet or garden.

Winter: Elegant and Subtle

The chill of winter might seem to limit floral choices, but many beautiful blooms thrive in the cooler months. Camellias are hardy and offer a touch of delicate beauty amidst the stark winter. Snowdrops and hellebores, also known as winter roses, can survive the cold, bringing life and colour to the gloomy days.

By opting for seasonal flowers, you not only get the best quality and value but also contribute to local sustainability efforts. At Whitehorse Flowers, we source our blooms from local growers whenever possible, ensuring that you receive fresh, vibrant flowers while supporting the local economy. For personalised advice on choosing the perfect seasonal flowers or to place an order, don’t hesitate to call us at 03 9888 5953. We deliver to Balwyn, Doncaster, Surrey Hills, Box Hill and surrounding suburbs.

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